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“We are thankful to our artists who share their excellence and creative journey with us. Equally, we are humbled by our patrons who place their trust in the art we bring to them”

– Hania Zawaneh, Co-Founder –

“Our vision is to give quality art the platform to be seen and the voice to be heard by passionate collectors,”

“Our mission is to be the gallery of those who collect today with the eye for tomorrow”

What We Stand For

 Artzotic stands for museum quality art that draws from the past, resonates with the present and will be relevant to the future. Our ongoing focus stems from values centered upon art, artists, a passion for collecting.

We labor to create the best possible context out of an honest understanding of our artists and collectors. Artzotic is the platform where committed collectors, who identify with their passion for art, can make an addition to their collections and entrant collectors can begin theirs. We are happy to offer our advice to them along their journey and become the space where they feel confident and can privately nurture, support, sustain, as they unfold their passion for the arts.

It is also the platform where established and emerging us artists are carefully curated and selected.  Our goal is to accompany and support individual artists over the long term, as their oeuvre evolves, verifying our mission and vision.

“Our history qualified us for the present and this present will carry us forward to the future.”

Our Story

Founded in 2021, born to a time when operating online became a must, Artzotic considered an online platform to be the only safe venue for crowds to gather given the context of the onset of the pandemic, Covid-19. Artzotic is a new voice whereby collectors can place their trust in the quality of the art they are buying.  Our carefully curated represented artists are key to realizing our vision and mission.

In 2022, about a year from commencement of its operations, Artzotic has expanded its spatial presence to include a physical artist’s residency: AARS, where artists are given the space to create and further explore their crafts, investigations, reflect and produce work. It will also be the space where the artists can engage and share their works with art lovers and appreciators. The future hold plans to open our AARS to other visiting artists, researchers, curators and collectors as a hub where they can visit, connect with and inspire each other, learn new things, and work together.

Artzotic is the brainchild of Hania Zawaneh and Muin Khoury, both veteran art collectors for over 40 years. Driven by their passion for fine art, they have developed their vision for an online platform committed to sourcing quality art for art enthusiasts and serious collectors.

Hania Zawaneh has been building collections of art for nearly four decades, both for institutions and private individuals in the Middle East. Most recently, from 2015 to 2020, she was the artistic director and curator of Karim Gallery where she worked with some of the leading modern and contemporary artists of the Middle East. Over the years, Ms. Zawaneh has developed a particular vision shaped by the close relationships she cultivates with artists, namely Shaker Hassan Al-Saiid, Ismail Fattah El-Turk, Bahram Hajou, Hanaa Malallah, and Hani Zurob, to name a few. This vision guides her acquisition strategies and has enabled her not only to curate the work of renowned artists but also to identify and bring to public attention the work of emerging artists in the region.

Muin Khoury, started collecting at the age of 27 years old, he was co-founder and co-director of Ab’aad gallery, one of the first Jordanian art galleries which was curated by the established Iraqi artist Mahmoud al-Obaidi. The gallery opened its doors in 1992 until 1998 and exhibited works of art by renowned pioneer artists , to name a few, Shaker Hassan al-Said, Dia Azzawi, Kamal Boullata and Hanaa Malallah, Mahmoud Obaidi, Salem AlDabbagh, Moh’d Muhriddin, and others. Though Ab’aad gallery has been long closed, it remains to hold a good standing in the minds of serious art collectors.