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Hanaa Malallah is an internationally acclaimed contemporary British-Iraqi artist living and working in London. She is an artist, researcher and educator.

Since the early 1990s, Malallah has tried to think through destruction as an essential part of the human condition, she mutilates or disfigures materials and found objects according to what she came to conceptualize in 2007 as a ‘ruins technique’. More recently she is exploring the ‘virtual’ aspects of destruction. Her research on the virtual has led more recently to examine the relationship between spiritualism and technology.

In 2020, her artworks were curated in the exhibition “Refuge and Renewal: Migration and British Art” which traced the influence artists who migrated to Britain had on the local art scene since the late 19th century till contemporary times.

Malallah’s work has been acquired by museums such as the Centre for Arts in Baghdad- Iraq, the British Museum in London- England, the Jordan National Gallary in Amman- Jordan, Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art in Ar-Rayyan- Qatar and Barjeel art Foundation in Sharjah- UAE.
Born in Iraq in 1958, her early years of study earned her a diploma in print making and she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad- Iraq, and later earned an MA and PhD from the University of Baghdad- Iraq. Malallah left Iraq at the end of 2006 for an artist residency at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris- France; that was followed by fellowships at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the Chelsea College of Art in London- UK.

Stone Sea | 2023
Multiple layers of Burnt Calico and oil color on Canvas
180 x 260 cm

Circle of Ruins
Folded Burnt Calico and Ash on Canvas
200 x 200 cm

Shroud IV | 2010
Folded Burnt Calico and Mixed Media on Canvas
150 x 150 cm

 Illuminated Ruins | 2013
Burnt Calico, ash and Fluorescent light on Canvas
150 x 150 cm

Omen | 2014
Folded 5 square cm squares of burnt calico, and black, gold, green threads
200 x 200 cm

Chrysalis | 2014
Mixed Media with Butterfly on Canvas
110 x 110 cm

Artist Hanaa Malallah at Olympia Art fair in London next to her work
Barzakh (Obstacle) | 2014
Antique Stairs, Neon lights sound and burnt wood

Variable dimensions

He She Has no Picture | is a a project consisting of 130 pieces executed over 4 years (2018 – 2022)
Burnt Calico on Canvas
Variable dimensions
With Brass Plates
Part of the project was exhibited at MOMA PS! 2019l2020
Part of the project was exhibited At Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts ( a collaborative exhibition with ArtZotic)in 2022
Full project was exhibited at the at Chicago Cultural Centre in 2023