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"Arab Modernities, Collection of the Museum of the Institut du Monde Arabe" exhibition at the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat features Hani Zurob's 2015 painting "Low-Quality Love."


The Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat, Morocco is hosting the exhibition “Arab Modernities: Collection of the Museum of Institut du Monde Arab.” This is the first time the IMA’s collection is being presented in another institution. Among the selected works is Hani Zurob’s painting “Low-Quality Love” (2015). The exhibition of artworks includes a “rich panorama of the avant-garde plural modernities of the countries of the Arab world since 1945 to the present day.”

Zurob’s “Low Quality Love” artwork expresses the alienation of the individual and society. It is also an investigation of the role art and painting play within moments of estrangement and injustice. As a painter, he questions what can painting do? What do the layers of paint mean? How can he express these universal emotions through paint?

source: https://www.hanizurob.com/artwork/low-quality-love, © Hani Zurob
"Low Quality Love" - Hani Zurob (2015). Tar and mixed media on canvas, 240x200 cm.

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